Friday, September 18, 2015

The Autumn Cloths Are Here!

I had so much fun knitting these up and know you will too! Little by little I'm getting back into design mode again and have missed it dearly. I'm slowly but surely working on wonderful sets to offer through Ravelry over the next year. I really want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who is still following, knitting and who has reached out to me over the past few years. All of you have brought so much joy to a craft that I will never stop.

This pattern is available as a PDF download and priced at $4.00. There are nine cloth patterns in this set. You can purchase this pattern if you are a Ravelry member by clicking the "Buy Now" button below the pictures. The Flower Cloths are also available in my Pattern Store here as a Ravelry Download. There are 6 pages total and the download is sized at 6MB. If you have any questions about the pattern or payment options, please feel free to contact me via email at or on Ravelry: KristenKnits.

Heres a link to the pattern page on Ravelry!

Lily's Sugar'n Cream Solid:

Squirrel - Overcast (Gray)
Acorn - Jute (Tan)
Coffee Cup - Jute (Tan)
Pumpkin - Hot Orange (Orange)
Fox- Tangerine (Orange)
Apple Basket - Red (Red)
Oak Leaf - Warm Brown (Brown)
Birch Leaf - Sage Green (Green)
Maple Leaf - Red (Red)

You don't need a Ravelry account to purchase the pattern. Ravelry will re-direct you to paypal and will email you a link to download the pattern.

I made each written pattern with a corresponding chart for the dishcloth. From the sets that I've already made, I've managed to get about 2-2½ cloths out of one ball of Lily's Sugar'n Cream Solid Yarn. Though you can use any kitchen cotton you prefer.


Julie AKA BoogaJ said...

So glad you are back! I've knit up several of your patterns in the past for my daughter and I know she'll love the new autumn designs.

Helena Georgette said...

WOW! So glad to have you back. I took a chance today to see it I could buy your dessert cloths & found a happy surprise :D

Cozy said...
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Cozy said...

I just started this set! My hubby is the worse for spilling his coffee and I use them for mug rugs for us. Also good for putting under a bowl of soup. Worth mentioning that my husband had a stroke and so only has one working hand. Having these under his bowl or plate keeps it from scooting around. Thought I'd mention incase someone else can use the idea.

PS - you designer page on ravelry still shows as your site, rather than here, which of course, errors out :)

Jessica said...

I noticed an error on row 26 of the Maple Leaf Cloth. It should be K7 instead of K6 to get the right stitch count and according to the chart.

Sandy Perez said...

Missed you so much, glad you're back! Making an afghan out of the dishcloths. Bought all the ones I was missing along with the new one. Hopefully, I can buy each new collection as it comes out.

Silverwitch said...

So glad to see you back and designing! You have been missed!

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Sonja Kuvik Loyd said...

So happy your back,Last year I wanted to make these super sweet cloths and couldn't buy them,I am so excited! Thank you for such gorgeous cloths

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