Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Teddy Bears & Boxes...

Its been forever since I last posted.. We're moving at the beginning of April to another apartment so I've been packing and cleaning instead of knitting and sewing.. I've still managed to whip up a few cute things.. I made this adorable bear for my friend's son John.
The pattern for the bear is from this Debbie Bliss book and can be found here on Ravelry.

I decided after he was knitted an pieced that he would need an initial sweater. So...

The pattern I came up with was the same for all 4 pieces of the sweater.

Teddy Bear Raglan

Gauge : 22s & 9 rows to 4"x4"

using size 5 needles and worsted weight yarn
co 34s, work 2x2 rib for 4 rows then continue in stocking net stitch for 1.5" or as long as you want the body to be.
decrease row: k2 stitches, (skp)x2, k to last 6s (k2tog)x2, k2
next row: purl

continue to decrease in this manner until you have 10 stitches, break yarn an place stitches on holder.

Join pieces together with mattress stitch at the decreased areas only:
Mattress stitch (right-side facing) the right side of a sleeve piece to the left side of the back piece an the right side of the back piece to the left side of the other sleeve, then the right side of that sleeve to the left of the front piece.

Place all 4 pieces on long or circular needle, join yarn
K one row
Next row work 2x2 rib for the length you will want the collar.

Bo in pattern.

Sew up sleeves an down sides in mattress stitch. sew up front seam, weave in ends.

For an decorative initial I used these fabolous charts over at
Little Cotton Rabbits.

I changed the letter slightly because I wanted a bolder look.
My first attempt was some intarsia (disaster) but ended up using swiss darning for a neater look. It was much easier too. I found a great tutorial here.

**This pattern can be adapted to fit different sized teddys or stuffed animals, you just need to swatch knit for the diameter of the belly an circumference of the arms then add or decrease the amount of stitches. Keeping in mind the size of a collar you will need to get over the head of the doll. So you may need to increase the amount of stitches left on the needle in the front or back piece.

Also I am trying to finish and post a lil something I worked for easter in the next few days so we all can find time to make some in the next few weeks. ;)