Monday, June 30, 2008

Im still here...

Its been awhile alright... I wonder if anyone's still reading? So much has taken over my life at the moment alongside being a Wife and Mother. Our family had moved temporarily to an apartment nearby in May until ours is finished being built. Ive had to personally take on the task of drywall and taping, painting, flooring, kitchen and bathroom, and lots and lots of finish work. Ive worked in the construction field for 6 years now so I'm used to this routine. Due to lack of funds its taking much longer than expected and holding everything back. This has been an especially hard year for all of us. We lost a great friend in April and miss him dearly everyday.

With so much going on Ive still managed to keep my mind busy with tons of knitting and sewing projects that I'll flood you with pictures on later this week I promise. I just wanted to drop in, say hello, and that I'm back for good. Heres a few shots of the babies. Victor will be 2 in August, and Ella will be 1 in October.

In my free time I've been launching an etsy shop where I will be selling handmade baby items both of knitting and sewing nature. Its been alot of work but making me happily busy at the same time. In addition to the new shop, I will be posting a new "Baby Themed" cloth design that I'm sure everyone will love. I've found so many uses for handknit cloths that they've become their weight in gold. From baby baths to kitchen counters they are incredibly absorbent and a wonderful alternative to paper towels being environmentally friendly. I think all my friends and family have received at least one from me at some point. As soon as I manage to add some items to the shop Ill post all the info. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer.