Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hi There!

Just wanted to update everyone and let you all know that we're all doing good and that the kids are getting so big! We were hit with hurricane Sandy here on the east coast pretty bad two weeks ago. So many families are still without power and need to completely rebuild in our area. Tragically a school friend of mine lost his life when a tree fell onto his home during the storm. I ask all of you to please keep him and his family in your prayers.

**For the entire month of November I have been and will continue to donate half of all pattern sales to various Sandy relief charities in my area including the red cross and the aspca to help families and their pets during this difficult time.**

Thankfully our house didn't suffer too much damage and we only lost power for a little bit. Our internet/cable was knocked out and they don't know when it will be restored. Such a small thing in comparison to losing ones life. The gas shortage is still an interesting situation but with school being closed for two weeks we haven't needed to go anywhere that we couldn't walk to.
Still hoping we'll enjoy some normalcy for the holidays. Halloween was basically cancelled in NY but we still made the most of it. Lots of trees were still down but I made it back to my old neighborhood with the kids and it was a welcome surprise to see trick-or-treaters. This year we had a Luigi and Hello Kitty. Here are the silly faces that I face painted. They really know how to make Mom smile.

Since I haven't updated in what feels like forever... In some happy news I married my true love this year. No words could express having someone by your side that makes you a better person and all your dreams come true. Just for the record he's also been pushing me to write and knit more.

A lot of knitters have wrote me and asked if I'm going to start designing again and the answer is a definite yes.  Knitting will never leave my heart or my hands for too long. I'm still working on projects all the time from scarves to socks to small toys for the kids.

So here's to keeping this blog updated and my fingers busy! Now my long awaited question to all of you who still follow this blog and have enjoyed working through my patterns is: 
"What cloths would you love to work on next?
(I'd love to hear your answers!)