Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time to Start Again...?

OK, I need some inspiration... I need to knit!

A lot has happened since my last post so I'll write a small update. We sold the house that I built the apartment in over the summer so I'm temporarily living in a rental home until I can find another apartment that suits the kids and I perfectly. Although it broke my heart to let the house I grew up in go, it's a fresh start and we're all embracing it. Victor is already in Kindergarden and Ella will be starting Preschool on the 11th this month. I'm working everyday now and time is scarce. I'm also hoping to open up a business after the new year so my mind is cluttered with to-do's and research.

With all that said I really want nothing more then to sit down and start knitting again, maybe even some new pattern writing. Ellie had asked for a sweater last month and promising her that I would, I haven't even browsed patterns yet.

If anyone has recently knitted something for a little girl or seen a pattern lately that you think she might love please leave a comment with a link! She's very vintage and only wears dresses, cardigans, flats and headbands. Getting this girl in jeans with Winter around the corner is a battle in itself. Thank you for your help, I can't wait to get something on my needles. Which is more like, I can't wait to unpack all the boxes that say "YARN"!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Our New Addition..

Meet Lily! She's a Frenchie and was adopted by us early this month from a wonderful breeder, Big Creek Kennels. Lily has made our house a lot of fun. The kids are crazy over her and I am very lucky to have such a good pup. We're going through the long process of housebreaking at the moment. With the mountains of snow outside I'm longing for the days when I can take her outside to play and train. She's about 12 weeks now.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm Going to Try a Lil Harder This Year...

I wanted to say thank you to every single knitter who has ever bought a pattern from KrisKnits. I can't express how grateful I am and how much it helps us everyday. Sometimes life is just too much to handle and I'm trying to work on my time management between the kids, work and taking care of the house.

I've taken on so much by myself this past year. It's getting easier as the days go on and it truly breaks my heart that I cant seem to find the time for this blog or to keep writing patterns.. I wish I could finish every pattern or idea that I've started or sketched out lately but I'm missing yarn and needles to boot. I think an inventory is well overdue this week.

I'm going to try something a little different this year. Yes, January might be over already but I think if I can motivate myself to post at least one picture a day of my life from now on, then it will push me to start designing again. Being more active on this site and communicating with other knitters helps me as well. I'm so grateful for this community and for all of my friends who've stuck by my side at the hardest times. I'm not giving up on this site or the artist in my heart.