Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm Going to Try a Lil Harder This Year...

I wanted to say thank you to every single knitter who has ever bought a pattern from KrisKnits. I can't express how grateful I am and how much it helps us everyday. Sometimes life is just too much to handle and I'm trying to work on my time management between the kids, work and taking care of the house.

I've taken on so much by myself this past year. It's getting easier as the days go on and it truly breaks my heart that I cant seem to find the time for this blog or to keep writing patterns.. I wish I could finish every pattern or idea that I've started or sketched out lately but I'm missing yarn and needles to boot. I think an inventory is well overdue this week.

I'm going to try something a little different this year. Yes, January might be over already but I think if I can motivate myself to post at least one picture a day of my life from now on, then it will push me to start designing again. Being more active on this site and communicating with other knitters helps me as well. I'm so grateful for this community and for all of my friends who've stuck by my side at the hardest times. I'm not giving up on this site or the artist in my heart.


Anonymous said...

Kris, I am so glad to hear you are ok. Obviously, the blog should not be your first priority, and I am glad to hear that other things in your life are going well. Your designs are always wonderful, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!


knitinsage said...

every mom out there is just relieved that you are normal like the rest of us ;-)

go easy on yourself -- when your kids are young, they require almost everything you have. then they WANT more!

nice to see you back, and your darling children enjoying the snow.

Vicki Suan said...

just reading that you're okay is good enough. Hang in there, take care and love the little ones because they won't be little for long. And don't forget to leave some time for yourself. Glad we can help by buying your patterns. Sending lots of hugs, Vicki.

Sue said...

I am happy to hear that things are going well for you, even though it must be very hard at times. We will still be here when you are ready to do your designing again, family is your first priority.

ButMadNNW said...

Yay! You haven't fallen off the face of the earth! ;-)

Don't feel bad. I don't even have kids or a husband to use as an excuse, yet I have, to date, failed in every single one of my "post ____ every day of [month]" goals. I hid this for my "Holiday Storytelling" in December by backdating posts (I recorded the last two weeks' worth in the two days before Christmas - shhhh!).

Anyway. Unsolicited advice: use custom dating to your advantage. If you have a free hour after the kids go to bed, throw together a week's worth of posts and date them so one appears each day. Then if you have a busy day where you can't post at all, it's already taken care of. :-) If you already do things like this, feel free to ignore me.

MizDee said...

Life can be hard and you have to hold on to that which helps you survive, whether it be the kids, the knitting or the occasional "curl up into a ball and hope to make it to tomorrow." Knitting has been my meditation and it allows me to settle into a quiet spot almost immediately. I hope you can find that peace

Jennifer said...

Don't be hard on yourself! It's OK - blog when you can, enjoy your kids. I still have you bookmarked!

Kimferg said...

It's not easy raising a family with two parents and I can only imagine what it's like to be on your own...just know that we are always here!

Family comes first but know that your designs are exceptional and there is always an audience!

Glad to see you pop up on my "Google Reader!"

Material Mary said...

Hang in there. Life is hard. It is the creativeness that gets us through. Glad to see you are still around.

Material Mary said...

Hang in there. Life is hard. It is the creativeness that gets us through. Glad to see you are still around.

Kris Patay said...

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments and inspiration! I really needed it today. :)

greetingarts said...

Oh yes, please don't give up on any of it. Things can take a backburner, you put your priorities in order and don't worry about us or the blog. We will be here, when ever you are, and your art and creativity are a part of you whether you have time for them right now or not. Take care of yourself, your kids, and it will all fall into place. I'll still keep buying your designs, you have so many to keep us busy!

Mairi said...

Great to see you back... take it easy... ease in slowly and don't beat yourself up if you don't achieve what you set out to on a given day! Love your work!

TeriKnits said...

Dear Sweet Kris – It breaks my heart to learn that you have been going through so much and that you are now a single mom. It is no wonder that you have been intermittent in your posts. Surely this has all been an enormous drain on your emotions and energy. I’m so sorry hon.
I think I already own every single one of your designs but look for a small gift in your PayPay here shortly, okay? Hang in there and if there is anything at all that we can do to help.... please just PM me!

suequeenofchaos said...

Kris, I am so happy to see you blogging again. The most important thing is you and your beautiful children. My wish for you is a very Happy 2011. If anyone deserves you sure do. Life moves faster than we all think. Enjoy your children and do what is best for you.

Teresa said...

I've been where you are and looks like my kids weren't much older than yours are. They have grown into amazing adults despite all the turmoil. You are a strong, talented,exceptional woman and you will come out on the up side of this. Post when you can and know there are others out here to help you through this.

Tina said...

Don't feel bad about "us", your readers or expecters of patterns! Good to read you are doing well. Just go on with blogging as much as you can - don't feel obliged! This is YOUR blog!!!
Tina in Germany

Alison said...

Kris, ditto what everyone here has already said. You're a major inspiration, and not just for your knits! So glad to hear you and the kids are doing ok. :)

{Amanda} said...

Best of luck to you in all things!! You have a wonderful blog here & I look forward to new patterns, but your family is always top priority :) ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Kris:

Kudo's to you! Working, and being a Mom, and still wanting to keep our creative side up and running is a LOT - have been there - so my support is behind you!


LujzasFarm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LujzasFarm said...

I don't know what to say what isn't already said. Just:
have a very good and inspirating 2011, enjoy your kids and (as my canadian friend always says):
Live, love and laugh every day!

Shanta Hayes said...

Hey Kris,
It's just so good to see you back, and not letting things defeat you. You truly are an inspiration to so many of us, not just creatively, but as a mom too, you give so much to your kids, it's truly admirable. Take care of yourself, and we'll be here.

LisaL said...

So good to see your update. Remember that lots of people care about you and your family. May the strength of our support uplift you. You're going to do great!

air max 90 said...

Great post. I appreciate you bringing this forward.

Jennifer said...

Kris, just take it one day at a time. Your creativity will find a place in the chaos of single-motherhood. I have been a single mom for 20 years (it started before the test came back positive). It has been difficult but so fun too. You will get the hang of it and one day it will seem like that is how it has always been. Keep up the good work. I have to go purchase some of your patterns now : )

caknitter said...

It's understandable there's no time for blogging especially when two little ones are the most important thing in your life right now...also don't forget about yourself. You can only do so much.
Can't wait to see your latest creation, but in due time, I'm sure.

Helen said...

good to know that you're ok - take all the time you need, but keep letting us know that you're ok! Have a good year, and love the puppy!

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