Thursday, February 7, 2008

1000 things at once.

Im going to try and make it a point to blog a lil more than I have. I've been knitting some really spectacular things lately and there needs to be proof that they exist other than on my shelf. Im just getting over a nasty flu myself. I was even hospitalized for dehydration which apparently can happen very quickly if your breastfeeding. Babies are doing well. Ella has a cold so shes nursing round the clock taking up most of my free time. But its ok, I wish this time in our lives would never end.

Can I tell you all how excited I am to see all the wonderful cloths everyone is making on Ravelry? Seriously, Im so touched that so many people are enjoying these patterns... Kinda makes me want to spend some time and make more. I would love to create a spring themed design. Im up for any ideas or suggestions that you might have.

I created a poll to see what everyone might like in the next cloth. Also whether I should design a whole scene like "A Christmas Dishcloth" (I know some of you are asking for more like that) or just a main image.

Should be fun to see the results. Oh an please if you have another idea cause im drawing a blank on other iconic spring pictures, leave a comment I would love to read some.

Ok I'm off to do some diapering.. ;)


Anonymous said...

Kris, I loved your heart dishcloth. I cannot wait to see what you will come up with for spring.

Hope you are feeling better!

Ruth said...

The Valentine dishcloth is just lovely. Way too pretty for dishes.

Dee said...

Hiya! I've tagged you for this: The Power of 7

It's a little "getting to know you" type thing. :)

Oh, and I voted in the poll. Can't wait to see!

Anonymous said...

When I think of spring I think of things being born and growing. How about a scene with some bunnies (or other baby animals, butterflies etc) in a field of flowers? Just an idea. I have adored your free cloths and everyone I've seen who has made one has commented on how much they have enjoyed making them and how many people have ooh and ahed over them. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Love the hearts - you are an artist. March - Shamrocks, Leprechauns, April - umbrellas, rain drops, May - Mother's day, flowers . . . just a few ideas

As a mom of 4, enjoy your babies while they're little!

Anonymous said...

Your cloths are fabulous! I love the idea of one a month. My daughter loves butterflies - is that possible?

Jan E said...

Your designs are terrific. I'll put my pink version of your heart up on Ravelry. Thanks so much for sharing them.

On the monthly KAL group, someone asked for an iris. I was able to get a fairly simple one charted via software on the web, ( but I'd be willing to bet you can do a better job!

Wendy Schreiber said...

Dear Kris,

I love, LOVE your designs. You are seriously talented girlfriend! I'm going to make one for my daughter's "Hope Chest". Not sure they still have hope chests, but she will have one and hopefully be pleased with all the little doodads I'm putting there for her.

Also, I liked your comment about how you wished this time in your life would never end. I remember nursing like it was yesterday - my baby girl is 23. Treasure these moments. The next thing you know you'll be knitting for Ella's hope chest!


Anonymous said...

you are such a wonderful knitter I love all of your cloths.hope you are feeling better

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Colette said...

Hi any chance of some music inspired patterns.I have made the heart one for my daughter as a face cloth she love it now her friend wants one as well.I'm just starting the spring flowers one but doing it in fushia pink.

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Unknown said...

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