Thursday, October 2, 2008

Icarus No.1

Time is moving so incredibly fast these days. Is it October already? I have 16 more days to finish the second installment of my Icarus' for my best friends wedding. Can I do it? I have to. Deadline knitting has never been one of my favorite things in the world. I keep putting it off and starting other projects. I have a scarf on the needles, two hats, and a sweater for my daughter. Just finished the Cobblestone for my son yesterday. I've even started putting together the Thanksgiving and Christmas Dishcloth sets I would love to publish this month just to keep my mind off of that second Icarus.

Anyone ever have to knit something they didn't feel like knitting? How did you keep it interesting? I loved knitting the lace, don't get me wrong, but one was enough for awhile. The finished shawl came out beautiful. There were so many beads that it became trying at the end. I think that is what I'm dreading the most. I haven't taken any pictures of it other that when it was blocking. Just waiting for when hopefully I finish the second shawl.

Tomorrow I have to finish decorating around the house and Ella has a Well Baby Dr's visit. She'll be a year old on October 6th. I also have to plan her party this week. then maybe I'll start the shawl... Maybe ;)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!

I understand how hard it can be to stay motivated to finish up a tedious project. I recently completed a Lace Leaf scarf. When I started the project, I was excited because it was my first time knitting with Malabrigo, and the scarf was going to be mine (a rare thing since I usually give away my work), however I became close friends with an online knitting friend who has a son who is going through burn treatments at a Shriner's Hospital. Her favorite color is green (same as the yarn I was using), her favorite yarn is Malabrigo, and she had this project in her Ravelry queue.

The project turned into a labor of love for her.

So whenever I got discouraged, thinking I would never be done with that scarf, and whenever I had to tink back, I thought about her and how surprised she was going to be. That made the project finally move along.

Hang in there. Your work is GORGEOUS! It's sure to bring a smile to the recipient's face. Focus on that.

spunkygal said...

You do such beautiful work! Thanks so much for sharing you wonderful dishcloth patterns. I am so excited to make them for Christmas gifts.

I, too, understand the tedium of large knit/crochet projects. When I was younger and working on one of these types of projects, the project usually turned into the 'the incredible shrinking afghan'. Now, I have learned to put it down for a while, do something else, and then return to it later. Your work is so gorgeous that it is well worth the time you are putting into it. The recipient will feel very blessed to have a friend like you who cares about her so much that you put all this time into this beautiful work of art.

Anonymous said...

I've just finished knitting one of your dishcloths, your purple one - it has come out lovely. Thank you. I'm going to be doing the santa one too in the next few days. Happy Birthday to your little one, and your shawl is lovely. Looking forward to more cloth patterns. Thanks again
Lisa x

Unknown said...

I just found your blog from the dishcloth list. Your Icarus is one of the most beautiful ones I've seen yet! Fabulous work.

Kris Patay said...

Thank you everyone, so much. It means a lot to me. I'm going to take some time this weekend and sit down with it, hopefully make enough progress that I'll feel motivated enough to want to see the finished product next week.


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