Monday, October 20, 2008

Sick Days..

The wedding was truly beautiful. I made the shawl deadline with not even a minute to spare. I finished at midnight, exhausted. It was a very chilly Saturday and the Bridesmaids dresses we're not very giving in the warmth department. For the first time I might actually believe that you can get sick from not being dressed properly. I am sick as a dog. But very happy to be done with many things that were looming over my head. I can now relax with my children for a couple weeks designing the next few sets of cloths and leisurely start all my holiday knitting. Blueberry Tea has become quite a friend these days.

I managed to finally get around to finishing a scarf I started awhile back. Just simple garter stitch, 40s across and knit it until it reached about 6ft. Great therapeutic and mindless project. It's a very long scarf which I wanted to be able to wrap around my neck a few times, and share it with the husband without him calling it "feminine". I knit it with this yarn. It was so soft and warm it had to be a scarf. Used size 10 needles and added tassels for some character.

I'm also finishing up a few pairs of socks for my Ella. Shes such a great baby. Both my children we're loving newborns, and then happy babies and have grown into affectionate and curious toddlers. I've still to this day never seen a child smile more than my son. My daughter is much too smart for her ripe old age of 12 months. Shes about to ask for the car any day now, I feel it. I'm going to blink and she'll be 17. Being in my late 20's I'm so proud to have such wonderful children and I appreciate everything that they have taught me. I'm going to leave you with the angelic face my sleeping girl before I go lay down.

Hope everyone is good.


Baby Beth said...

I found you through Ravelry--just wanted to say that your children are absolutely precious.

Unknown said...

Kris Hello!
My name is Andrea, I am Brazilian and unfortunately I do not know speak English (this message was translated into Google).
I am completely in love with their work and have tricoti Surprise your Valentine.
Thank you for sharing with us their work in knitting.
I'm your fan unconditional.

spanky51 said...

Hi Kris,

I just wanted to let you know that I love your wash clothes. I've started knitting them for gifts. Tied with a lovely bow, the perfect gift. You are so gifted and talented. Thank you for sharing your patterns and designs with us.

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